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compact, flexible, high speed, wide range of header couplers and periphery modules

Helmholz produces a comprehensive range of automation components ranging from decentralised I/O systems, switches and repeaters, gateways and firewalls, to integrated remote maintenance solutions. Founded in 1988, the business has been at the forefront of developing user friendly and innovative automation components. Initially established as an engineering company for software and plant commissioning, two years later the first Siemens S5 products were launched. Today employing 85 people the company serves its worldwide customers through a network of sales offices and distributors. Assembly and inspection takes place at the company headquarters in Großenseebach, Germany. High standards of quality and performance, in accordance to ISO 9001:2015, have provided the foundation for Helmhoz success over the past 30 years.


Distributed Fieldbus IO System

The TB20 distributed fieldbus IO is a compact and scaleable IO system which is suitable for use in a variety of applications. The three component construction consists of a removable front connector, electronic module and base module. A unique locking mechanism ensures that the modules can be quickly and easily installed, while giving a very secure electrical connection. The "Hot-Swapping" feature allows modules to be changed while the system remains powered. Real-Time Bus diagnostic LEDs and customisable labels ensure that I/O status is clear to see.

  • Compact Dimensions
  • Real-Time Bus Diagnostic LEDs
  • Wide Range of Fieldbus Options
  • Supports up to 63 Peripheral Modules

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Supply Voltage24VDC
Integrated Peripheral Power Supply2.5A
Configuration PortUSB
Maximum Peripheral Modules63
Maximum I/O DataUp To 1024 Bytes
Automatic IO MappingYes
Hot SwappableYes
Diagnostic LEDs7
Master Reset SwitchYes
Fieldbus OptionsProfinet
CatalogueTB20 Product Overview FlierPDF 8.6MB
EtherCAT Coupler DatasheetPDF 3.1MB
Ethernet/IP Coupler DatasheetPDF 3.2MB
Profinet Coupler DatasheetPDF 3.1MB
Profibus/DP Coupler DatasheetPDF 3.0MB
CANopen Coupler DatasheetPDF 3.7MB
Modbus-TCP Coupler DatasheetPDF 3.0MB
DeviceNet Coupler DatasheetPDF 3.1MB
Peripheral Module DatasheetsVarious
Toolbox FlierPDF 609KB
Helmholz Product Summary BrochurePDF 3.2MB
ManualEtherCAT Coupler ManualPDF 8.4MB
Ethernet/IP Coupler ManualPDF 9.4MB
Profinet Coupler ManualPDF 5.4MB
Profibus/DP Coupler ManualPDF 9.8MB
CANopen Coupler ManualPDF 6.0MB
Modbus-TCP Coupler ManualPDF 3.6MB
DeviceNet Coupler ManualPDF 8.6MB
Peripheral Module ManualsVarious
SoftwareHelmholz Software Tools & DriversVarious

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