Standard Worm Gearboxes

worm, helical worm, combined worm, wide power & speed range, square or round bodied, special surface treament

Established in 1986, Tramec started as a manufacturer of bevel helical gearboxes, parallel shaft gearboxes, shaft-mounted gearboxes and right angle gearboxes. Through the years, their product range has widened to include new product lines such as worm and planetary gearboxes. Tramec plays a leading role in the market, which keeps developing new competition strategies, with regards to quality, value and scale. Their goal is being realised by means of the joint support coming from the Tramec employees who have a wealth of expertise, plus the highly skilled worldwide distribution network.

Worm Gearboxes

Standard Worm Gearboxes and Geared Motors

Tramec's general purpose worm gearboxes are offered in a wide variety of size and ratios. Supplied as either Square or Round Bodied. The range includes worm, helical worm and combined worm variants. Options include output flanges, output shafts, torque arms and torque limiters. Customised surface treaments and paint finishes available on request.

  • Worm, Helical Worm, Combined Worm
  • Square or Round Bodied
  • Wide Selection Of Ratios
  • Supplied as Gearbox or Geared Motor

Linked Products
Gearbox Rated Torque6.5Nm - 1920Nm
Gearbox Rated Power60W - 9.2kW
Gearbox Ratio5:1 - 10,000:1
Gearbox Size30 - 130
Body DesignSquare or Round Bodied
Body MaterialDie Cast Aluminium or Cast Iron


Output Shaft
Torque Arm
Torque Limiter
Second Input Shaft
Surface Treatment
Paint Finish
CatalogueX-Series Square Bodied Worm Gearbox CataloguePDF 3.6MB
K-Series Round Bodied Worm Gearbox CataloguePDF 2.3MB
H-Series Helical Worm Gearbox CataloguePDF 2.1MB
XX-KX-KK Combined Worm Gearbox CataloguePDF 4.4MB
VM-Series Double Output Worm Gearbox CataloguePDF 1.8MB
ATEX-CAT2_CataloguePDF 1.8MB
ATEX-CAT3 CataloguePDF 3.4MB
Tramec Main CataloguePDF 13MB
Tramec Product Overview FlierPDF 816KB
DatasheetsTramec Spare Parts GuidePDF 1.0MB
Tramec Maintenance & Operation GuidePDF 212KB
Tramec Cross-Reference GuidePDF 1.1MB
DimensionsCAD Drawings
CertificatesATEX-CAT2 CertificatePDF 1.6MB

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