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Wide Range, compact, Modular, motion control, high speed communications, hot swappable, redundancy, scaleable to suit any application

Founded in 1971 in Taiwan, Delta first began manufacturing switch mode power suppliers. Today the company has become a leading global manufacturer in the field of industrial automation, power electronics and energy management. Since the launch of its first Electrical Drives products in 1995, Delta now offers a complete range of automation products. Dedication to quality, reliability and ongoing investment in R&D, has resulted in Delta becoming renowned as an innovative leader in the industrial automation field. With 54 worldwide research facilities located in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, USA and Europe, Delta employ 7500 R&D engineers and hold over 4900 registered patents.
Comprehensive range of scaleable PLCs to suit any application. Offered with high speed communications, wide range of modules, high expandability, and fast execution speeds. Other features include Hot Swapping and Redundancy. Programmed with a free of charge user-friendly software suite, supporting multiple programming languages.

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