Linear potentiometers

absolute linear measurement, wide selection of strokes, sizes, resistances & fixing options, high IP rating

Since 1968, Elap has been developing, manufacturing and marketing its range of counting, sensing, measuring and control products. Over the years, the product range has extended to include preset counters and displays, single and multi-axis positioners, PLC controllers, and a wide array of positioning sensors. These includes incremental and absolute rotary encoders, linear and rotary potentiometers, incremental transducers and optical scales, wire transducers, magnetic transducers and vibration sensors. The accuracy and reliability which are a feature of the Elap products is a result of advanced technological research, coupled with extensive experience. Each department within Elap follows a defined quality process which ensures an excellent product quality and a high degree of customer flexibility and service. Accurate order processing and on-time delivery have always been a key focus, and assembly operations are carried out by qualified and experienced personnel. All Elap products are carefully calibrated and tested before shipment. Elap invests each year into R&D, with new products and technical advances being offered. Applications sectors include sheet working machinery, glass, wood, paper machinery, plastic and textile machines, food processing and many more.

linear potentiometers

Potentiometers For Linear Measurement

Elap linear potentiometers are widely used in industrial applications for measuring and controlling absolute linear displacement. As they are absolute detecting devices, these linear potentiometers maintain positional data even during power off. They are particularly suited to applications where it is difficult to reset the system datum point upon power up. The Elap range includes a variety of sizes, strokes, resistance values and mounting fittings, to meet the specific needs of the application. They are available in square or round section bodies, and offer measuring strokes from 25 to 950 mm.

  • Absolute Linear Measurement
  • Strokes 25 - 950mm
  • High IP Rating
  • Long Lifetime

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Stroke25 - 950mm
Resistive ElementConductive Plastic
Case MaterialAluminium
Operation Life20,000,000
Body DesignSquare
Max Linear Speed1m/s
Resistance Value1KΩ
Enclosure RatingIP54
Shaft Diameter5mm
Operating Temperature-25oC to +85oC
CataloguesPLS DatasheetPDF 503KB
PL2S DatasheetPDF 412KB
PL231 DatasheetPDF 501KB
PM DatasheetPDF 520KB
PM2S DatasheetPDF 450KB
PR & PR2S DatasheetPDF 562KB
PLS-V DatasheetPDF 249KB
Elap Overview BrochurePDF 4.4MB
DimensionsPLS DimensionsPDF 41KB
PL2S DimensionsPDF 28KB
PL2S-V DimensionsPDF 23KB
PL231 DimensionsPDF 28KB
PL231-V DimensionsPDF 23KB
PM DimensionsPDF 38KB

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