health & safety policy

Health & Safety Policy

Gapp Automation Health & Safety Policy:
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It is the policy of Rubix UK Ltd to provide and maintain a working environment as far as reasonably practicable that ensures the Health & Safety of our employees, customers, contractors, and visitors. It is expected of everyone who works for Rubix UK Ltd to actively take part in and support this policy.

To achieve our Health & Safety Policy we will:

  • Respect Health & Safety Legislation and abide by other requirements to which we subscribe
  • Provide and maintain safe premises and healthy working environments
  • Ensure we effectively assess risks and apply measures to control them
  • Provide and maintain plant and equipment that is safe and without risk to health
  • Identify substances potentially hazardous to health and make sure arrangements are made to control the risks they pose during handling, storage, transport, and use
  • Provide information, instruction, training, and supervision ensuring everyone is able to carry out their work safely
  • Consult with employees on Health & Safety issues using the company ‘Employee Forum’
  • Investigate accidents, incidents, near misses and work-related ill health, identifying actions that can be taken to prevent recurrence
  • Audit the ISO 45001:2018 Health & Safety Management System for effectiveness throughout the organisation identifying and implementing improvements
  • Periodically review this Policy ensuring it continues to reflect the company’s approach to Health & Safety within the workplace
  • This Policy shall be made available to interested parties upon request
  • The company sets objectives and targets which will be measured and reviewed at Management Review Meetings.

The company reminds employees that in all Health & Safety matters they legally have individual and personal responsibilities and have a duty of care to take reasonable care and to co-operate with the company in complying with all statutory regulations, codes of practice and company rules relating to Health, Safety and Welfare. The company Health & Safety Policy and procedures also apply when employees are working at customers premises. Any employee working at a customer’s premises will familiarise themselves and work within the customers’ site safety rules.

Any breach of this policy may lead to disciplinary action being taken.

Vince McGurk
CEO Rubix UK, Ireland & Iceland
17 January 2023

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