Torque Limiters

overload safety devices, wide range, standard and customised designs, corrosion resistant

Founded in 1967 by Dante Cavalli, under the name OMC, the company originally manufactured mechanical transmission components. In 2010 the company name was changed to ComInTec, to better reflect how the product range has developed over the years. The range now includes power transmission components, torque limiters, safety couplings, backlash free torque limiters, elastic couplings, disc couplings, backlash free couplings, variable speed pulleys, expanding pulleys, shaft collars and clamp collars. These components provide transmission connections, avoid accidental overloads, reduce machine stoppage times, increase productivity, and reduce maintenance and repair costs. Sold globally, the Comintec products are used in a wide variety of application and market sectors, and renowned for quality and reliability.


Axial Force Limiter

Safety overload device for linear force limitation. Transmission of force is released once the defined force limit is reached. Operates in both tension and compression. Re-engagement is automatic, and in the same position as dis-engagement. The force limit value is set by rotating the adjuster nut, which compresses the springs.

  • Protection In Tension & Compression
  • Axially Backlash Free
  • Automatic Re-Engagement
  • Maintenance Free

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Force Range25 - 4700N
Body DiameterØ36.5mm, Ø42mm, Ø56mm
Axial BacklashBacklash Free
Force Detection DirectionTension & Compression
Corrosion ResistantOn-Request
Overload Detection SignalYes
Automatic Re-EngagementYes
Maintenance FreeYes
CatalogueDSA Friction Torque Limiter BrochurePDF 402KB
Torque Limiter CataloguePDF 7.4MB
Technical ManualDSA Installation InstructionsPDF 1.1MB
Dimensions2D & 3D Configurator

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