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Code of Conduct & Ethics

Gapp Automation Code Of Conduct & Ethics Policy:
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Rubix is the leading pan-European industrial distribution business, with an exciting future ahead. We operate in twenty-three European countries, have the scale, the expertise, the reputation and the talent to continue to grow. At Rubix, we share the conviction that the success of our Group rests on our people. Together, we are committed to conducting business properly, responsibly and ethically, to the benefit of each of us, as well as our customers, suppliers, shareholders and the communities in which we live and work. Our expectations of how we expect you to conduct business whilst at Rubix to achieve these aims is set out in this Code of Conduct and Ethics. This Code explains Rubix’s position as a sustainable business player, a respectful employer and a reliable business partner, as well as setting out the values that are important to Rubix. This Code provides the guidelines and requirements of behaviours which should be observed when working for and collaborating with Rubix. The objective of this Code is to provide you with clear rules as well as assistance in situations you may face when doing business. The Code constitutes the very foundation of our compliance policies and procedures, which are all available on our intranet. This Code applies to all of our personnel in all the countries that we operate in but is also aimed at providing guidance to our business partners to understand our commitments to key ethical principles. Rubix’s Board of Directors and executives have all endorsed the Code and shall lead its implementation by example. We are confident that each of us will fully engage with this Code. We trust that our business partners will also adhere to the fundamental principles which are set out in this Code.

Martin Gaarn Thomsen

Chief Executive Officer
October 2022

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