Linear controls

current limiting, positioning, synchronising, AC, DC or battery powered

During the early 1990s a Danish company required a compact inline actuator, however as a suitable product was not available on the market, a new design was developed. This new design was nominated for several design prizes, and based on that Concens was formed. From the very start the goal of Concens was to design and manufacture powerful & compact inline actutors. Concens is driven by strong values of commitment, versatility and flexibility. Their aim to be at the forefront of developments within the field of linear motion, in an ever changing market, by offering a combination of design, size and functionality to meet customers’ requirements. Concens has focused on offering compact, well-designed inline electric actuators for use in applications where size, appearance and strength are crucial. Successful applications sectors include medical, rehab, industrial automation, marine and building automation. Concens solutions include actuators, controllers, battery powered solutions, handsets, together with a range of programming tools.


3x Axis Mains Powered Controller

The C1-Comp3-E is versatile mains powered controller which can be used with one to three actuators. Actuators can be controlled independently or in synchronisation, separated into one or two groups. In addition, a further three controllers can be daisy-chained together allowing for up to 12 actuators to be synchronised. A range of push buttons and switches are available, or control can be done using any standard volt free contacts. The controller is programmable allowing the user to customised the parameters to suit the specific application requirements.

  • 1 - 3 Axes, Indvidual or Synchronised
  • Up To 12 Axes By Daisychaining
  • Mains Powered
  • Fully Programable
  • Current Limiting Protection

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Supply Voltage230VAC
Maximum Current Per Channel8A
Duty Cycle High Power20sec Up 19A
20sec Down 7A
9min Rest
Duty Cycle Normal Mode (1/9)30sec Up 15A
30sec Down 7A
9min Rest
Duty Cylce Normal Cycle (2/18)2min 7A
18min Rest
Number of Axes Per Controller3
Number Of Controllers Daisy-Chained4
Acceleration / Deceleration RampsYes
Stroke Software LimitsYes
Protection RatingIP20
Operating Temperature+5ºC to +85ºC
Daisy-Chain Cable
Digital Displays
Infra-Red Controller
CatalogueLogicdata COMP3-E DatasheetPDF 522KB
Logicdata HSM DatasheetPDF 882KB
Logicdata HSU DatasheetPDF 694KB
Logicdata HSX DatasheetPDF 558kB
Logicdata IRR DatasheetPDF 655KB
Logicdata Touch Basic DatasheetPDF 280KB
Concens Corporate ProfilePDF 2.6MB
ManualLogicdata COMP3-E ManualPDF 815KB
Logicdata Cascading Operation ManualPDF 937KB
Logicdata IRR Infrared Controller ManualPDF 655KB
Concens Connector Overview GuidePDF 653KB
Logicdata COMP3-E Control Cable Colour CodingPDF 178KB
Logicdata COMP3-E External Switch Schematic 2x Synchronised ActuatorsPDF 143KB
Training TutorialsC1-COMP3-E Calibration Routine
C1-COMP3-E Duty Cycles
C1-COMP3-E Daisychaining Controllers
Concens Actuator Wire Colour Coding
General InformationConcens RMA FormPDF 349KB
CertificateLogicdata COMP3-E Declaration of ConformityPDF 52KB
Logicdata HSU/HSE/HSF/HSX/HSM Declaration of ConformityPDF 47KB
Logicdata Touch Basic Declaration of ConformityPDF 48KB
Logicdata RoHs Declaration of ConformityPDF 78KB

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